Myke Phillips

Probably the most creative provoking magic product ever released. 


A combination of methods and principles where you can literally create any effect you want. The methods and principles I teach are truly only limited by your imagination.


Imagine a complex web of principles and methods combined to create the perfect effect, and in some cases “The Holy Grail”.

There will be only 50 copies for the first year of release.

Over the past 10 years I have been searching for the “Holy Grail” of two effects. The participant unlocking the performers phone and the performer unlocking the participants phone. I believe I have found one of them. This is LABYRINTH

Coming Soon!

Myke Phillips Performing UnLOCKing



The performer draws a symbol, a word or a name on a piece of paper and the participant is invited to write down a number that comes to mind under it. This is repeated to create a four digit number. Next, the performer writes down a word. The participant is asked to write down any location in the world under that. The performer then gives their phone to the participant to unlock using the number they “randomly” created. The phone unlocks. When the phone unlocks, they are asked to go open the maps App which shows a pin dropped on their location.


Key points:

The numbers are never said out load nor are there any stooges or dual reality involved.


The code that unlocks the performers iPhone is in fact their real phone passcode.


Alex Ward Performing ALEXstaGRAM


How many effects do I get?

You will get 5 well thought out effects but once you understand the methods and principles I teach you will be able to create your own effects and you are litrilly only limited by your imagination.

How good is the method/principle?

Please please please, before going out and performing LABYRINTH, practice practice practice. It’s even more important to practice if you intend to show it to another magician. Magicians are clever and can re-engineer a performance and and work out what the method is and get LABYRINTH for FREE. Not only that, they are not bound by the NDA which means they can tell ALL their friends and before we know it, your purchase is not so exclusive after all. So, please do not ruin it for yourself or others who have paid hard earned money to purchase the secret of LABYRINTH.

How much does LABYRINTH cost?

The price of LABYRINTH has been set at £200. The payment must be made through PayPal. The purchase of LABYRINTH is non refundable. To secure a copy out of 50 copies a deposit of £50 is required. If the deposit is not made by 25th December 2019 your copy will be offered to those on the waiting list.

Do I need to have an iPhone?

Yes! As most of you know, I am an iPhone magic creator/developer but if you can find ways to use these methods on an Android then you can share your findings in the group.

Why are the tutorials in an App?

We decided to place the tutorials into an application to best secure against the re-distribution/piracy of LABYRINTH with screenshot, copy and paste, alerts to track where that originated from. We think this may be the future of stopping piracy within magic products.

Do I have to sign an NDA?

You will be asked to sign a NON DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT before your purchase of LABYRINTH. This NDA will allow YOU, the LABYRINTH purchaser, to keep LABYRINTH a secret and to keep it exclusive.

Will this method/principle ever be obsolete?

The mothods and priciples I teach, I cannot see them being obsolete but you will understand why not after you purchase LABYRINTH.

How long will this be limited for?

LABYRINTH will be limited to 50 copies for the first year. After that we will release another 50 copies for another year.

How are the angles on Labyrinth?

The beauty of LABYRINTH is that you can perform most effects without drawing attention to your phone and in some casses, bringing your phone out of your pocket until the reveal. In Alex's awesome Instagram effect you place your phone on the table face down, so there are no angles to worry about at all.